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Exciting times for architects

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we are shaping the future

Working at HPP

The world has always been changing, but the complexity and speed of change are new. Global megatrends are shaping the way we communicate, work, travel and live today. At HPP, we design the space for these changes - and use the possibilities of our time to do so.

In the 85 years since our foundation, we as an office have experienced and helped to shape a number of eras, but we are confident: The next few years will be the most exciting.

What HPP means to us

How we work

In a team - because the world is too complex to shape it alone. 

Great architecture is always the work of many hands. All the better that we enjoy working together. We are 450 unique personalities and look forward to welcoming individuals who share our values and would like to work with us on the challenges of our time. 

With state-of-the-art tools

In the design workshop we use the best of the analogue and digital worlds: we think with our hands, find the right idea in dialogue, design in 3D and build with BIM.

Dynamic and structured

A continuously changing world needs both the creativity of dynamic work and a structure created through years of practice.


In the last 85 years we have worked on more than 6,400 projects. It takes perseverance. With this experience we also know that the best results do not come from night shifts, but from clear thinking with a rested mind.

What we offer

As a large office, we can make a difference

We develop international and local projects. With us, everyone can assume responsibility according to their abilities and continue to develop their skills in a highly professional team.

Work in 13 offices and an "internal exchange programme" with China.

Experience the "China Speed", a cashless world and authentic Shanghai cuisine for two months? No problem if you work with us. Our offices

Projects, projects, projects.
Our portfolio is diverse: in terms of typologies and scale, but also in terms of our job opportunities for graduates, experienced architects and project managers.

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