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HPPy Culture

Shape your future
at HPP

Working at HPP

Create your future at HPP. Here you will find great co-workers, family-friendly working models and an international team made up of creative minds. FLEXIBILITY, DIVERSITY and VARIETY are important values for us. At each of our locations you will benefit from offers like sport courses, team events, our HPP Academy or a monthly mobility allowance. And by the way: we have offices in the most beautiful cities! How do you fancy working in Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Peking, Shanghai, Shenzhen or Stuttgart? Yes? So take a look at our job portal.

What HPP means to us

How we work

In a team - because the world is too complex to shape it alone. 

Great architecture is always a product of many hands. All the better that we love working together. We are a group of around 530 personalities (approx. 50% female and 50% male) and look forward to welcoming others who share our values and want to work with us on the challenges of our time.

With state-of-the-art tools

In the design workshop we use the best of the digital and analogue worlds: we think with our hands, identify the right ideas with dialogue, design in 3D and build using BIM.

Dynamic and structured

A constantly changing world needs both the creativity of dynamic working and a structure established through long years of practice.


Over the last 90 years we have worked on over 6,400 projects. It takes perseverance. This experience has also taught us that the best results are achieved not by night shifts but by clear thinking with a well-rested spirit.

What we make possible

HPP makes it possible to combine family and profession. Supporting parents is particularly important to us. Flexible working hours, mobile working, offers to facilitate a return to work or advice from our parental leave organisation are just a few examples. We want to encourage women to keep working through the family years. And we welcome men who take parental leave. We work out individual solutions together in personal discussions! There is no gender pay gap at HPP – and we actively campaign for equal pay to be a given in the architecture sector. You can meet some of our Female leaders on our website – why not become one of them!

What we offer

As a large office, we can make a difference

We develop international and local projects. At HPP everyone can take responsibility in line with their abilities and develop within a highly professional team.

Working across 13 locations and an "internal exchange programme" with China.

Fancy experiencing “China Speed”, a cashless world and authentic Shanghai cuisine for two months? No problem at HPP. Our offices.

Projects, projects, projects.
Our portfolio is diverse: in terms of typologies and scale, but also with regard to our job opportunities for graduates, experienced architects and project managers.

Join our team