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Außenaufnahme Finnlandhaus Hamburg

The Finnlandhaus in Hamburg, refurbished by HPP was yesterday awarded the DGNB Certificate in Gold.

HPP is growing!

Partner and Associate Partner of HPP International Architektur Consult Ltd. Shanghai: Wei Yu, Jens Kump, Dr. Li Jian, Amanda Xu, Gan Yuanzhe and Ren Qi

In accordance with the principle of continuous renewal, we have decided to expand our partner structure also in China: Mr Wei Yu and Mr Jens Kump are now Partners of HPP International Architektur Consult Ltd. Shanghai.

Düsseldorf‘s first timber hybrid building, The Cradle has not even been built yet, but its pioneering concept has already received its second distinguished architectural prize this year.

Daimler administration building EHO

Daimler AG's flagship project Engineering Hub Operations, or EHO for short, designed by HPP will set corporate standards for combined and communicative working environments.

Außehaufnahme L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

New interior pictures of the headquarters of L'Oréal Germany offer insights into the modern working environments at the Horizon on Kennedydamm in Düsseldorf, designed by HPP.

Visualisation Multifunctional arena Ekaterinburg

The new multifunctional arena in the heart of Ekaterinburg, Russia, is being built according to plans by HPP Architects.