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Completion of the Chengdu China Merchants Bank (CMB) Backstage Service Centre Phase II, Shanghai

Our project "Chengdu China Merchants Bank (CMB) Backstage Service Centre Phase II” has been completed and put into operation!


The new office complex is located in the southern part of the high-tech zone in Chengdu. Our HPP China team won the competition for the new building back in 2018.

„Chengdu China Merchants Bank (CMB) Backstage Service Center Phase II“ extends across the site with a podium storey, with striking high points forming urban accents. At the centre of the project is the central plaza planned by the LDI, to which the building complex opens up. Together with lushly designed roof gardens, users will find a green oasis in the centre of the office complex with variously designed rest and recreation zones. The two entrance buildings with their three-storey atriums are connected via two main skybridges that cross the central plaza.

Photos: © AST Studio