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Düren's Bismarck Quartier completed by the new city centre clearing

With the official opening of the adjoining Theodor-Heuss-Park, popularly known as "Bismarckpark" and the new clearing in Düren's city centre, the Bismarck quarter, built according to HPP's designs, was brought to a successful conclusion on Friday, 24 May 2019.

In addition to the commercial, office and residential buildings planned by HPP and the Dorint Hotel with adjoining conference centre, which was completed last November, a key element of the "Innenstadt Düren" master plan has now been completed. Transparency, openness and the transition from urban to landscape space characterise the mixed-use quarter. In their opening speeches, representatives of the city and district of Düren as well as planners and contractors praised the qualities of the park and the quarter. Accompanied by sunshine, orchestral music and children playing in the pools, the open-air event gave a foretaste of the new urban qualities from which the citizens of Düren can benefit in the future.