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HPP interconnected and agile in the new working environments 

The clear, physical architecture of the mixed-use property "H27" is structured by sculptural incisions.

After 12 years at home in the Kaistraße, at the beginning of last year HPP Dusseldorf and its 170 employees moved into new premises in the Medienhafen with 3300 square metres of office space over three levels. 

According to plans by HPP for project developer INTERBODEN, a mixed-use property has been created with office and residential areas as well as space for gastronomy and event usage on the ground floor. A subtile separation of the functional components has been achieved with recesses, niches and alcoves, creating an overall sculptural effect. At the same time this defines the spaces and links the building to its surroundings. The building interacts with the Medienhafen in which it is situated and allows any interested member of the public an insight into HPPs work: while the HPP lounge on the ground floor of the glass cube is available for employees to use, it also provides a space for events, exhibitions and celebrations. 

The interior design was also created by HPP: the ‘factory for creative design’ offers inspiring spaces for agile working as well as formal and informal communication and includes conference and project rooms, hubs, telephone booths, seating niches and pedestal chairs. The communal working areas, which are equipped with height-adjustable desks for seated or standing use, alternate with numerous areas for retreat and provide staff with the perfect space for both team meetings and individual concentration. “Of course flexible working has been incorporated too,“ says Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Senior Partner at HPP Architects. The appropriate media technology and the provision of laptops to all employees is the basis for remote interconnected working regardless of location.