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A new cultural format for German football

The German Football Museum

Client: DFB Foundation German Football Museum gGmbH 
Exhibition design: TRIAD Berlin / Location: Dortmund GFA: 7,700 m² / Completion: 2015 / Award: 1st prize in 2011 Competition 

Service: Architecture


"We are football" was the exhibition concept and the architecture had to provide a suitable setting for it. The façade of the new building also communicates that this is the site of Germany's most popular sport. The theme of football is illustrated by a perforated, LED-backlit light metal façade: The rectangular perforations condense into the motif of classic football. The space between the façades is used for removable banner graphics.

The Magic of Football 
In the heart of Dortmund, in a prominent location opposite the central railway station and as an addition to the art and culture mile, the magic of football in Germany can be experienced for the first time outside the usual sporting events - and is visible in an urban setting. An LED media façade on the front underlines the experiential external impact of the building.

Dynamism and emotion
In the exhibition the visitor will experience an entire football match in all its phases, very personally. They access the building via the entrance area facing the plaza, which extends the urban space into the interior as a unsupported sequence of spaces. Passing the ticket counter and the fan shop, you reach the upper level from the foyer via an escalator, which houses the permanent exhibition on two levels. The so-called "Arena" in the basement is used for temporary exhibitions and events, and the catering facilities are connected to it. 

"Football inspires and unites. This is why the football museum is a transparent structure, one that is open and inviting."

Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Senior Partner HPP

Experienceable urban space

The spatial continuum of the interior, which extends over two levels, is absorbed by the building structure and conveys dynamism to the surrounding urban space. The distinctive construction volume floats on a continuous glazed public ground floor. The latter is extended to the outside by means of a "podium" which is particularly important for the urban development and can be perceived as an inviting gesture. The platform compensates for the different surface levels and permits unrestricted access.

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