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A tribute to the

town's architectural heritage

Hofgarten Solingen

Client: Solingen Shopping Center GmbH / Location: Solingen
GFA: 70,000 m² / Car parking: 600 / Completed: 2013
Green Building: DGNB Gold

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

We were able to determine the three design themes for the centre very quickly; we took the location of the town of Solingen - City of Blades - in the Bergisches Land region with its pioneering character as our starting point: nature, industry and fashion. In this context, nature stands for the organic forms, the quality of the surroundings and the quality of life, industry for the history of the location and fashion for high standards of design.

"The unique location in the centre of Solingen allows for an ideal perfect integration of the shopping centre into the urban fabric."

Werner Sübai, Senior Partner HPP

The complex on the site of the former Karstadt building in Solingen's city centre is centrally located on Graf-Wilhelm-Platz in the immediate vicinity of the bus station, which is used by up to 30,000 passengers a day. The new shopping centre brings together the inner city's pedestrian retail businesses in an attractive arrangement. In terms of urban planning, the new building will complete the perimeter around Graf-Wilhelm Platz located in front, which will in turn be structurally enclosed on all four sides. 

A welcoming gesture
At the base of the building, the generous glazing of the sales and restaurant areas opens up the building structure to the urban square. The full-height recesses in the façade serve as a striking accent for the two main entrances at Graf-Wilhelm-Platz and Kölner Strasse. The lifestyle-oriented, multifunctional shopping centre with 86 rental units for retail, services and food service extends over eight floors; the multi-storey car park with 600 parking spaces is integrated into three of the four basement floors.

A tribute...

Playing on the themes of industry, nature and fashion to accentuate various areas in the interior and exterior design of the shopping mall we have set focal points that accompany the customer on his way through the building. They are implemented partly spatially and structurally, partly as surfaces structured through graphics and the choice of materials.

... to industrial tradition and fashion

The complex polygonal structure is spanned by a gold-coloured metal mesh façade above a pedestal that combines the motifs of industry and fashion in its material and implementation. With its light curtain construction, this "wrap" stands for the youthful and dynamic image of the centre.

... and the proximity to the Bergisches Land region

Greenery and natural design elements contribute to a high quality of stay and make thematic reference to the surrounding landscape of the Bergisches Land: steel, abstract trees, leaf-shaped mirrored surfaces or green walls bring nature into the building.

The supporting structure of the 900 m² skylight reflects the diamond-shaped structure of the façade and brings the design of the theme to a perfect conclusion.

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