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Brand-compatible architecture,

interior design and working environments

L'Oréal Headquarters Düsseldorf

Client: Horizon Development GmbH (a subsidiary of "die developer") / Tenant: L‘Oréal Deutschland GmbH / Location: Düsseldorf / GFA: 38,000 m² / Completion: 2017 / Green Building: DGNB Gold

Services: Architecture, Interior design

The gateway to Düsseldorf's north
The 60 metre-high building is the new, clearly visible gateway to the north of Düsseldorf and was realised by the project development company "die developer" together with HPP Architects. Following an evaluation carried out for the developers in 2010, HPP were awarded the direct contract for the project. 


"The transparent L'Oréal Headquarters building opens itself onto the city.“

Volker Weuthen, Senior Partner HPP

In a separate competition held in 2015 for the interior design concept of the headquarters, HPP were successful against their competitors and were commissioned with the execution.


L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf
L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

The design concept

The brief for L’Oreal Deutschland's new headquarters building asked for transparency, innovation and sustainability. The building reflects these values both internally and externally.

The overriding design principle of the horizontal structure gives the building its name: "Horizon". 


Consequently, no vertical façade profiles were used in the outer glazing layer in order not to disturb the horizontal alignment. 


L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf
L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

The panels of glass span freely along the storeys. The load is transferred through the baseplate to the rear façade level, from whence the load is transferred to the support point on the ceiling slab above. The storey-high apertures are used as balconies.


The new working environment: transparent, sustainable, flexible and innovative

Innenaufnahme L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

L'Oréal's employees changed their way of working with the move. Thanks to the open working environments and many alternative workstations, employees can choose the right location for each task. 

L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf
Innenaufnahme L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

L'Oréal's teams are committed to sustainability: For example, the introduction of glass bottles for employees saves 40,000 PET bottles a year. According to the "paperless office" concept, there are only two printers per floor, which has led to a 45% reduction in printouts. 


Innovative and typical of the brand
The communication zones of the office environments from the 3rd to the 14th floor were designed in different styles. The employees on each floor decided for themselves whether an area was to be designed in the Shabby Chic look or in the Modern Style.
In the entrance areas of the office floors, lounge-like "landing zones" in the respective style encourage informal communication

L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

Flexible and independent
In addition to the open-space areas with a total of 1,000 fixed workstations, the new working environments also provide 890 flexible workstations: These include a variety of smaller think tanks, meeting rooms, phone booths and a silent room. 
Employees are left to decide whether they prefer to work sitting or standing, whether they want to communicate in a team or whether they want to use one of the many retreat options to pursue a task undisturbed. 


Productive and communicative
Each office floor is characterised by a partly open, partly closed meeting zone in the central area, around which the open working environments are grouped. 


The open-space areas offer a superior acoustic quality, which is achieved by the above-average sound absorption coefficient of the ceiling, wall and floor materials as well as vertical acoustic panels at each desk. 

L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

"In just two years, this exceptional building was completed and handed over on time, thanks to the excellent collaboration between the project developer, architects, construction company and the tenant L'Oréal."

Andreas Buchmann, Managing Director of „die developer“

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