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Home from home

Lifestyle and community under one roof


Hotels as a home from home and a community meeting place offering a wealth of memorable encounters: Thanks to our experience with a wide variety of typologies, we as planners and architects are able to design multifunctional rooms and create individual style settings. This creates both enthusiasm and identification, so that guests enjoy coming back again. More and more people are spending more and more time outside their homes. "Long term stays" are becoming increasingly relevant. This presents the hotel sector with enormous growth potential.

Modern hotels are multifunctional and smart

Smart technologies, digital concierge services and automated processes make the processes and structures of the hotel business more efficient.

This helps to streamline traditional functions such as conventional reception areas and make them more versatile. For example, the reception area becomes a flower shop and café counter or the staff restaurant becomes a meeting room outside peak periods. The boundaries between functions become blurred and hotels become multifunctional locations.

25hours Hotel, Düsseldorf

A variety of styles, one hotel

A variety of styles...

Successful hotels offer their guests quality of stay and a comfortable environment: a vibrant atmosphere for gathering and communicating with others, as well as opportunities for rest, relaxation and concentration.

Modern hotel rooms play a central role here: depending on their individual design, the rooms are furnished either with to provide functionality or to evoke a certain atmosphere . If each room has its own style, the guest is offered a new experience every time he visits the hotel - which strengthens customer loyalty and recommendations.

… and expectations

Driven by the demand for experience and a sense of community, the hotel sector is shifting towards a prevalence of lifestyle boutique hotels. Another relevant factor is the 5-star clientele, which is highly demanding, especially in terms of the official, political and economic context, where impeccable service, discretion and perfection are still paramount.

Timelessly classic and understatedly elegant

Particularly in the luxury segment, the charm of time-honoured heritage properties offers special potential for guests with high expectations and a sense of tradition. During the revitalisation and reconstruction of several residences with up to 200 years of history, we rethought the interior and adapted it to the requirements and expectations of the modern guest.


Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

At the same time we attach great importance to the appreciation of the place and the reference to the historical context, so that houses such as the Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf, the Mandarin Oriental in Munich and the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm remain points of reference, landmarks and constants of the urban context of their respective locations.

"We combine classic hotel architecture with the demands of a modern 5*Plus hotel."

Volker Weuthen, Senior Partner

An example of a building whose use changes as part of a revitalization project is the Commerzbank high-rise, a listed building built in the early 1960s that is one of the most important high-rise buildings of early German post-war modernism in Düsseldorf. It was energetically refurbished by HPP and the distinctive former office building was turned into a hotel with 206 rooms.

Urban integration

Hotels as living space
The "long-term-stay" approach offers additional added value for hotels today and as a result "proper living" is becoming the norm in hotels. The guest will be living in the neighbourhood for a certain period of time, he or she will use urban services such as local amenities, recreation facilities and restaurants, and wants to be included in the city's infrastructure and society. This is why our hotel buildings are not anonymous "stand-alones", but closely networked with their surroundings - and make a positive contribution to the structure of the neighbourhood.


25hours Hotel Düsseldorf
25hours Hotel Düsseldorf

Public space and fashionable meeting place
New-generation hotels offer a wide range of services to their surrounding areas and to the city, for the use of which one does not have to be a registered guest. The hotel becomes a marketplace and a living room. For example, roof terraces are made accessible to the public and evolve into fashionable meeting places or ground floor areas are opened up to other ventures. Cooperations with coffee shops, flower and bicycle hire companies or the fashion sector are being established. This opens up new potential for hotels through cross-marketing. The hotel promotes the community and can become the "place-to-be" of the city through lifestyle gastronomy - not only for the guest, but for everyone.

The right design makes all the difference

As architects we develop an individual architectural story and the ideal solution for each new hotel - matching the character of the house to the requirements of the users. We take full advantage of the available floor space: For example, large common areas for shops and restaurants, fitness and spa areas are made possible by reducing the size of the rooms. In return, we use open floor plans in the design of the rooms in order to convey a sense of spaciousness.

In this way, a hotel becomes not only a second home, but also a popular and invigorating place to stay.

25hours Hotel, Düsseldorf

ANdAZ Hotel, Munich

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Breidenbacher Hof, Düsseldorf

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

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