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New living environments

Healthy, urban, smart


Social awareness of housing has changed dramatically: Today, the focus is on health, well-being and quality of life as well as smart technologies that make everyday life easier. 

Increasing mobility and digitalisation are giving "third place living" a new lease of life: shared spaces, co-working offices or the incorporation of food outlets into office and shopping areas offer new spaces for work, communication and recreation outside one's own four walls. The neighbourhood becomes a socially, functionally, digitally and architecturally networked community.

Hafeninseln II & III, Zollhafen Mainz

Who wants to live in a mobile society?

Room for innovative lifestyles
The major trends such as demographic change, urbanisation and digitalisation and new work are leading to a multitude of housing typologies: urban housing, high-rise housing, conversion of existing properties, micro living, student housing, subsidised social housing and multi-generational living are just a few of today's housing typologies. Each typology is subject to its own requirements. 
As architects, we find innovative solutions for how today's users want to live.


Pandion D'Or Pandion D'Or Düsseldorf

Pandion D‘Or Düsseldorf & AND Pastel Istanbul

Forms of housing are aways the expression of societal change.

Housing as the driving force behind viable urban development

Quarter entrance of the Vogelkamp Neugraben neighbourhood, Hamburg

From the neighbourhood ...
In Europe, neighbourhood development has replaced urban design - urbanisation leads to an increase in density on urban properties. It usually takes the form of regeneration of the existing urban fabric or the demolition of derelict areas to form a new quarter. 

We focus on multifunctionality and structural flexibility - from the networked neighbourhood to the various uses within a building to the flexible layout of an individual apartment.

How does the way we live influence the way we imagine our own homes?

… through designing the layout ….
The spectrum of residential typologies in a project often ranges from subsidised housing construction to premium owner-occupied dwellings. 

The solution: We plan modular and flexible layouts as clusters in order to be able to respond to individual requirements and the latest developments. In this way, for example, a 120m² penthouse can be turned into 4 mini apartments.


Außenaufnahme Pandion Balance Köln

... down to the last detail
Sustainable, healthy building according to ecological standards with natural building materials is an indispensable part of today's and tomorrow's housing construction. In this respect, healthy living has become a fundamental planning principle for the selection of materials and colours, air quality, sound insulation and indoor climate. 

Innovative housing concepts have been adapted to special noise protection requirements and guarantee maximum living comfort. In subsidised housing, too, the main focus is on creating an attractive environment for the user.

Our philosophy: consistent architectural quality for all residential situations

Achieving quality in a cost-effective way
Our aim is to offer occupants comfort and convenience - but at the same time to find ways to design these residential properties economically for investors or builders. 
Especially in times of high property prices, we design very efficient layouts - without giving up our demands on living quality. 
Furthermore, we deliver an efficient construction process and cost-saving design and manufacturing methods.


For a luxurious appearance and economical implementation, simple materials are beautifully staged. For example, the Mothes Karre has a continuous horizontal frieze of lightweight construction material that defines the design.


Diversity needs architectural breadth
From the planning of the urban environment to the design of the layout to the detail of the execution: in order to harmonise high-quality architecture and optimal living conditions for residents with the prevailing economic conditions, comprehensive and consistent knowledge of the correlations in residential construction is required.

We have gained this experience in innumerable projects.

Aachen Viktoriaallee

Adler-Quartiere Frankfurt

Bismarck-Quartier Düren

Europe Tower Sofia

Expo Village Shanghai 

FOUR Frankfurt 

Grafental phases WA 3, 9, 10

Hafeninseln II & III, Zollhafen Mainz

Heerdter-Hofgarten Düsseldorf

Huide Tower Shenzhen

Krefeld Herbertzstrasse

Lembkestrasse Muelheim an der Ruhr

Mothes Karree

Pandion Balance

Pandion D’Or

Pandion Fine (Clouth-Quartier)

Quartierseingang Vogelkamp IBA Hamburg

Südliches Überseequartier Hamburg

Residential Buildings Schanzenstr/Infraresidenz

Residential Quarter Alsdorfer Straße Cologne

More typologies

Innenaufnahme Hochschule Ruhr West Mülheim an der Ruhr

Teaching and research

Making science visible


Außenaufnahme Verbindungsbrücke im 11. Obergeschoss LVM 5 Münster

Offices and administration

Corporate architecture for companies and public clients

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Visualisierung Innenraum Stadion Freiburg

Sports buildings

Emotion, function and identity

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