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Making science visible

Teaching and Research in the time of Digitalisation and New Work

Universities - integrating them into the social and urban network

In times of change, the demands on universities and research institutes increase. Nowadays, universities are much more than simply places of learning. They are integrated into the social and urban network and offer students many and varied uses and enrich whole neighbourhoods with an improved qualitiy of life. 


HRW Hochschule Bibliothek Fassade Backstein Lamelle Mülheim Platz Gestaltung
OASE Lern- und Kommunikationszentrum Düsseldorf

Students, professors, research assistants and administrative clerks: they all place demands on their campus. The challenge for us is to fulfill these wishes as well as meeting the expectations of the client in terms of cost and deadlines.


With our architecture, we create identity, quality of life and flexibility. We are creating socially-networked learning environments that will prepare the coming generations for exciting times. 


Frontalansicht O.A.S.E. Lern- und KommunikationszentrumO.A.S.E. Lern- und Kommunikationszentrum Düsseldorf


Architecture and interior design for the Medical Library of the Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf

Setting the scene for research

Scientific innovation is not only to be found in universities, but just as readily in the research and development units of Germany's medium-sized companies and of global corporations. Workshops and laboratories are visibly integrated into the business world and are presented proudly. Collaboration and New Work are also taking over in the research and development units of major companies. We develop laboratories for our clients that meet the highest safety requirements and whose aesthetic functionality actually encourages innovation.


Clariant Innovation Center Frankfurt
Laborraum Clariant Innovation Center Frankfurt

Innovation requires vision
One of the greatest challenges in designing a laboratory is managing to give testing and evaluation rooms a view to the outside. It becomes possible to provide natural lighting to both zones by arranging the evaluation areas along the façade and by using glass for the partitions between the testing rooms. The atmosphere and illumination lead to more favourable working conditions for the researchers.


Innovation needs exchange
Central atria and communication islands encourage people to meet one another and to exchange ideas and perspectives. Open structures provide vertical and horizontal views.


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