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Everyone is talking about the future.

We are building it.


Architecture is both creativity and construction, for this reason, we provide HOAI phases 1 to 9 as a complete package and as individual services.

Successful implementation is the key to outstanding design. We bring our execution planning as well as our construction management services to the project from the first idea through the development of the perfect solution to the handover of the finished building. We guarantee success by means of the triad composed of design, execution planning and construction management.

We are building the architecture of tomorrow and giving existing buildings a new lease of life.

Design and Branding

The creative element and the story that will give the project its identity are developed during the pre-planning stage.

Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig
HfMT University for the Performing Arts, Cologne

Design needs method 
The starting point for each design is the needs of the future user, the environment and the client. The art lies in combining these requirements with the technical and functional requirements and developing an exellent architectural solution therefrom.

"In the end, there is only one thing that counts: producing an excellent architectural solution."

Antonino Vultaggio, Partner HPP

Our quality: Versatility
We have experience of a wide range of typologies: We draw inspiration for our designs from a wide variety of buildings and combine the strengths of different typologies. Our particular strength is our ability to design multifunctional buildings. On the one hand, something that is increasingly in demand and on the other, a demonstration of our understanding of sustainability.  Our clients reap the benefits of our versatility in more ways than one.

Detailed design and dialogue

For us, detailed design is a combination of precision, expertise and interdisciplinary dialogue – which are supported by contemporary tools such as 3D and BIM modelling.

Façade detail, LVM Münster

LVM 5, Münster

"The Crystal" extends the LVM headquarters by nearly 20.000 m² and adds a striking annex.

At HPP, the detailed designers are known as the "dialogue organisers", because if you make sure that from the start of HOAI phase 5 onwards, you maintain a dialogue with the team implementing the design, i.e. the general contractors, you will be rewarded with quality work on site! The most effective quality controller: Our construction managers are part of the project team from the start of HOAI phase 1. This is the only way to turn a strong design into a reliable plan and later into an outstanding structure completed within budget and on schedule.

Fassade des neuen Parkhauses am Zoo Leipzig

Construction management

A challenge known to everyone who has accompanied a construction project from start to finish: The transition from planning to implementation.

Our construction management team ensures that there are no translation difficulties between the various disciplines.

Quality through process

Our construction manager is part of the project team right from the start. In this way, we ensure that our high quality standards are implemented on site - and that feasibility is guaranteed in the design.

"Quality assurance means: working together from the start."

Stephan Kauert, Partner HPP

Accompanied by specialists

HPP Construction Management is a team of construction management architects, each of whom is a specialist for one of four focal points: costs, tendering, deadlines and construction management.

Our experts accompany each of our projects from the moment they are commissioned: the construction managers support the designers right from the start. In this way, we achieve a common sense of responsibility for a high-quality building that meets costs and deadlines - literally down to the smallest detail!


Our other services

Interior design

Working environments an inspiring spaces that are exciting to be in and that foster identity.

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Neighbourhood and urban design

In Germany we are creating neighbourhoods, in China we are building entire cities.

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Lead consulting

The whole design process under one roof.

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Project management

Representing the interests of the client and ensuring the quality of the work produced.

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Breathing new life into buildings.

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