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Planning the planning

A host of specialists and only one contractual partner for an optimum result.

Lead Consulting

We take care of the entire design process and supervise the execution of a project. When HPP is commissioned as general planner, the number of contacts for the client is reduced to a single contractual partner: HPP Generalplanung GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HPP Architekten GmbH.

The demands placed on large-scale projects continue to rise.

Many disciplines were in use even in the past. Due to technological, social and structural upheavals, the complexity of construction projects today continues to increase: It is now a matter of economy and sustainability; innovation and identity; individuality and being standard-compliant; long-term value and rapid completion; digital possibilities and material quality.

We solve all these challenges for the client without increasing the number of project managers. We consolidate our architectural services as well as all planning services required for a construction project in the master planning phase.


A single partner for the multitude of challenges

Advantages for the client

  • significantly less administrative effort thanks to a single contractual and contact person

  • the liability risk for interface coordination is eliminated

  • qualified planning team selected using our comprehensive network

  • we take on the original building owner’s tasks in the areas of quality control, costings, deadlines and contracts

  • no need for detailed reconciliations for the client

As master planners, we guarantee a building of outstanding architectural quality that meets deadlines and costs.

Quality begins when putting the team together

We are convinced that quality starts with the composition of the team. At HPP, this generally consists of our architects, interior designers and master planners. 

When it comes to selecting the right specialists, we can draw on our experience from a large number of completed projects and the legacy of our practice: We have an extensive network of specialist consultants at our disposal, with whom we have already worked successfully in the past.

Nahaufnahme Fassade Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

5,500 workspaces handed over on schedule after a mere two years' construction time

Our services

The scope of our services is specifically adapted to each project and according to the HOAI phases - from the commissioning of a few specialist engineers to complete planning teams. 
Key aspects are organisation, coordination and documentation, quality and quantity, costs and accounts, schedules and capacities, contracts and insurance.


HPP Generalplanung GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HPP Architekten GmbH and acts as the general planner for the following projects

and with subcontractors for

  • structural design
  • mechanical and electrical services 
  • building physics
  • acoustics
  • transportation planning
  • landscape architecture
  • fire protection
  • health and safety
  • surveying

BASF Business Center D105, Ludwigshafen
BayArena, Leverkusen
Bürogebäude Telekom Fuhlsbüttler Straße, Hamburg
Clariant Innovation Center, Frankfurt-Höchst
Daimler Engineering Hub Operations, Sindelfingen
Deutsche Botschaft, Washington
Freudenberg Bürogebäude, Weinheim
Freudenberg Ausbildungszentrum, Weinheim
Haus der Universität, Düsseldorf
Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig
Multifunktionsarena Jekaterinburg, Russia
Metro Campus B1, Düsseldorf
Parkhäuser am Zoo Leipzig
Polizeipräsidium, Düsseldorf
Procter & Gamble Innovation Center, Schwalbach
PSD Bank West, Cologne
Ruhr West University
TÜV Rheinland, Köln
University of the Performing Arts, Cologne
Vodafone Campus, Düsseldorf
Westfalenhallen Dortmund, Messe-Eingang Nord
Residential Development Zollhafen Mainz

Our other services


Design and execution for newbuild, refurbishment, conversion and listed building projects.

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Interior design

Working environments an inspiring spaces that are exciting to be in and that foster identity.

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Neighbourhood and urban design

In Germany we are creating neighbourhoods, in China we are building entire cities.

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Project management

Representing the interests of the client and ensuring the quality of the work produced.

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Breathing new life into buildings.

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