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Managing quality, costs and deadlines

Challenging and supporting 

Project management

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of HPP Architekten GmbH, HPP Projektmanagement GmbH provides sophisticated management services in the national and international planning business and is also involved in project management.

Project management involves controlling, monitoring and enforcing the three essential principles during the construction phase: quality, costs and deadlines. We challenge and encourage all those involved to make the most of a project.

"Our job as project managers, is consistently to protect the interests of the client."

Steffen Huhn, Managing Director HPP Projektmanagement GmbH

We personally accompany your project

As project managers, our commitment is to the interests of our clients and to relieve them of all delegable tasks. This means: we support our clients from the initial idea to commissioning through organisation, testing, coordinating and documenting.

Each project is unique

Every construction project is different and complex: For this reason, we personally accompany the client. We always take the individual requirements of the project into account and use our tried and tested skills and tools in the right situation and at the right time.

EschmannStahl factory building, Neuenstadt – Architecture: Coplan Architekten

The right team with the right experts
For each project, we put together an individual team of experienced experts with the appropriate skills - thus giving our clients the greatest possible wealth of experience.This team works for the client from start to finish. This is how we ensure continuity and efficiency.

Our core competence: reliable planning of deadlines and costs
We monitor and plan continuously and with foresight: We check and analyse all ongoing processes in order to be able to recognise disruptions and their consequences at an early stage and support the client in the selection and implementation of corrective measures.

Innenaufnahme Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

left: German Historical Museum, Berlin
Architecture: Sting Architects, Projectmanagement: HPP Architects

right: Museum of Natural History, Berlin
Architecture: Diener & Diener, Projectmanagement: HPP Architects

Challenging and supporting

A successful project needs the best input from all involved. We do not see project management solely as a monitoring body, but also rather as a form of support. We believe that excellence comes from setting ambitious goals - and at the same time providing the means to achieve them. This is why we support all participants in an uncomplicated and cooperative manner so that together we can lead the project to success.

Right to quality and a culture of quality

The client's right to quality is defined by legislation and the state of the art. What makes the difference, however, is the culture of quality based on planning, testing, alternatives, discourse and expertise. New ideas and better solutions emerge when different perspectives and requirements meet. This is a great potential for lasting quality management.

"Quality management also means always finding a constructive solution to conflicts."

Steffen Huhn, Managing Director HPP Projektmanagement GmbH

Setting goals, setting the course
As a general rule, we always offer our clients tailor-made services adapted to the specific project. When a contract is awarded, the client determines the goal and we set the course to achieve exactly this goal. 

We represent our clients' interests holistically in all of the phases of a project - i.e. the entire life cycle of a property.

Our services in detail

Time Management
Time management means that we are required to provide the planners with the following: a framework schedule, control schedule, design documentation, tender schedule, submission dates, handover dates, release dates, prototyping dates, project meeting, construction meeting, inspections, status report. We understand providing support to mean identifying priorities with regard to deadlines and checking the capacities of all parties involved. If conflicts are identified here then, as project managers, we mediate.


Budget management includes demanding in-depth cost estimates, cost calculations, allocation units, cost estimates, cost assessments, cost controls, risk costs, cost forecasts and cash outflows according to annual budgets. To facilitate budget management, we take over change management and identify potential savings. In addition, forward-looking cost control enables us to identify project risks and take countermeasures at an early stage.

This is where we require the checking of input parameters, planning, compaction documentation and execution using checklists and the DIN and VOB statutory principles. Quality management in the sense of support means in turn that we simplify the standardisation of processes by means of a catalogue of regulations. Qualities and intersections are jointly defined, central requirements visualized and sampled. One thing is very clear: quality depends on the right preparation.

Our other services


Design and execution for newbuild, refurbishment, conversion and listed building projects.

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Interior design

Working environments an inspiring spaces that are exciting to be in and that foster identity.

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Neighbourhood and urban design

In Germany we are creating neighbourhoods, in China we are building entire cities.

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Lead consulting

The whole design process under one roof.

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Breathing new life into buildings.

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