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A selection of awards we have won over the past 15 years

Credaward, 2019

In-Bund Office Building, Shanghai

Iconic Award: Innovative Architecture, 2018

The Cradle

Außenaufnahme Finnlandhaus Hamburg

BDA Award Hamburg, 2018


Visualisierung The Cradle Düsseldorf

MIPIM/AR Future Project Award, 2018

The Cradle

HRW Hochschule Bibliothek Fassade Mülheim Bahn Stadt Platz ÖPNV

BDA Award, 2017

Hochschule Ruhr West Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Hochschule Ruhr West, Mülheim an der Ruhr

iF Design Award 2017

Hochschule Ruhr West Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Telemannsaal Building of the Year, 2016

Kongresshalle Leipzig

Balthasar-Neumann-Prize, 2016


Architizer A+Awards, 2016

LVM5 Münster

Außenaufnahme Emporio Tower Hamburg

Architecture Prize Hamburg, 2015

Emporio Tower Hamburg

Außenaufnahme AND Tower Istanbul

European Property Awards, 2015

AND Istanbul

Architectureprize City of Leipzig, 2015

Kongresshalle Leipzig

Außenaufnahme Dreischeibenhaus Düsseldorf

MIPIM Award „Best Refurbished Building“, 2015

Dreischeibenhaus, Düsseldorf

Award for exemplary buildings NRW, 2015

Dreischeibenhaus, Düsseldorf

Frontalansicht O.A.S.E. Lern- und Kommunikationszentrum Düsseldorf

BDA Award Düsseldorf, 2014

O.A.S.E. Fachbibliothek Medizin

Nahaufnahme Fassade AND Tower Istanbul

Cityscape Commercial Project Award, 2014

AND Istanbul

Immobilienmanager Award, 2013


Excellent Design of Shanghai, 2013

Qingpu Crown Plaza

Innenaufnahme O.A.S.E. Lern- und Kommunikationszentrum Düsseldorf

Architizer A+ Awards, 2013

O.A.S.E. Fachbibliothek Medizin

Schwarzkopf Lightbox Düsseldorf

iF communication design award, 2012

Schwarzkopf LIGHTBOX by Karl Lagerfeld

European Shopping Centre Awards, 2011

LOOP 5 Shopping Center

Außenaufnahme Max-Planck-Institut Hörsaalgebäude

BDA Award of Mülheim, 2010

Max Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung

AIV Building of the Year, 2009

Tonhalle Düsseldorf

Architecture Award NRW, 2008


BDA Award of Wuppertal, 2007

Justizzentrum Wuppertal

BDA Award of Saxony, 2007

Mediencampus Villa Ida

„Premio Valmor” Lissabon, 2006

Bürogebäude VICTORIA Avenida Lissabon


Veltins Arena Schalke Gelsenkirchen

MIPIM Award „Hotel & Tourism Resorts“, 2004

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

Façade Prize of Munich, 2004

Allianz Munich Ludwigstrasse

Fassade Parkhaus am Zoo Leipzig

BDA Award of Saxony, 2004

Parking Garage of the Leipzig Zoo

Our services


Design and execution for newbuild, refurbishment, conversion and listed building projects.

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Interior design

Working environments and inspiring spaces that are exciting to be in and that foster identity.

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Neighbourhood and town development

In Germany we are creating nighbourhoods, in China we are building new cities.

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Lead consulting

The whole design process under one roof.

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Project management

Representing the interests of the client and ensuring the quality of the work produced.

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