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How we work

Architecture for interesting times

The right processes and methods for exciting times

Hofgarten Solingen

Joined-up thinking for a diverse world.

We meet the diversity of our times with diversity of thought: We approach each project as a team – together with our clients and partner companies. Our process systems rely on communication and interaction:

  • during the consultation process: Each project, each client is assigned to one of our Partners.
  • during the design phase: We have institutionalised communication and interaction by means of the partner and design meetings. This means that each project has the oportunity to be reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes and from a new perspective on a regular basis. And our specialists add their expert knowledge to the creative process.
  • through construction management: By involving our construction manager at an early stage, we make sure that the planners and building supervisors are playing for the same team. Consultation takes place right from the beginning and all information is shared automatically.
Hofgarten Solingen

Thinking design and implementation as one

Design and implementation
We've seen it again and again: It takes more than just a great idea, the implementation has to be right too. If you don't think about the implementaiton, the design will forever remain a pipedream. If you implement an idea without taking into account the qualities of the design, you might as well forget it.

In order to make sure that we are always at home in both worlds, we contribute to all phases of a project – which makes us especially good sparring partners, even if we are only actually involved in a part of it.

We make sure that there are no execution dificulties with one organisational measure: Our construction management is part of the project team right from the beginning and not just from HOAI phase 7 onwards.

Everyone is talking about the future; we are building it.

We can't predict the future but we can shape it
We are not only thinking about the challenges of our times, we are also meeting them head on. Our team can call on 85 years of experience and knowledge. 85 years in which we have designed, planned and built for the times.


Our services

Come and experience exciting times with us