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Design architecture sustainably. In order to achieve this, HPP is involved as a member in, among other things:

To sensitise the public to the subject of building culture and promote building culture.

Transformation of planning practice towards sustainability as the new norm.

Architects at HPP are also part of the BDA, which is committed to the quality of building.


Discuss the development potential of our cities together in a think tank.


Sustainably promote high-rise development and the future of our cities.

To promote German-Asian relations as a business association.

Architects on their way to new or expanded international markets.

Sustainable planning, use and certification of architecture and the built environment.


Being part of the competence network for innovative building together.

Understand buildings as components of a larger, regenerative system.


Initiate and support municipal Cradle to Cradle® projects and make urban spaces sustainable in the long term.

Düsseldorfer Klimapakt - Climate neutral by 2035.

Creative, interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences.

Our services


Design and execution for newbuild, refurbishment, conversion and listed building projects.

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Interior design

Working environments and inspiring spaces that are exciting to be in and that foster identity.

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Neighbourhood and urban design

In Germany we are creating nighbourhoods, in China we are building new cities.

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Lead consulting

The whole design process under one roof.

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Project management

Representing the interests of the client and ensuring the quality of the work produced.

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