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Digitalisation, urbanisation and globalisation are changing how we communicate, work, travel and live. We see the challenges, but we also see the wealth of possibilities – for architects, our clients, users and society. 

With each new project, we strive to create the greatest economical, ecological, technical, social and aesthetic value for the users, owners and the surroundings of the structures we build.

What we are thinking about

Exciting times for architecture

Can spaces contribute to more concentrated working?

The new media and digitalisation are changing the working environment: What do offices and working environments look like, when they use innovation to its full extent, yet still retain the best qualities of the slow old days?

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How is new mobility changing towns and cities?

New transport concepts offer a new, improved environment
Carsharing, bikesharing or one day even autonomous vehicles can all contribute to a reduction in the numbers of cars in the city centre. This reduces noise and air pollution and offers more space for pedestrians, cyclists and for general use. How can planners take advantage of these new opportunities?

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Nanshan Science & Technology Innovation Center

A platform for the rainforest

Global and/or/butlocal?

If you're building for the local context in all its variety, you need more than just one style.
We place high demands on architectural quality but we do not have a stylistic dogma. We are more than 450 architects and so we have the necessary variety of responses for each local context.

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What kind of architecture will 3D-planning make possible?

The potential of digitalisation
When you are designing for the times, you have to use contemporary tools. We have digitalised our processes: from 3D designing to Building Information Modelling.

We're still passionate about drawing, but we move on to real 3D modelling at an early stage in the design process. This means that we work on the same model together with all the other specialists and can be certain of the highest-quality execution.

How do you recycle an entire building?


Circular Economy

Cities consume enormous quantities of resources. What can architecture do to reduce this consumption? And if alternative materials are used, what does that mean for the design?

The Cradle

Düsseldorf's first hybrid timber construction

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Come and experience these exciting times with us