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1. Prize for the Jingyu Xingfa Cement Factory

Working with the Beijing Institute of Architecture Design (BIAD), HPP impressed the jury with its draft concept for revitalising the Jingyu Xingfa Cement Factory in Beijing and was awarded 1st prize in the competition.

On behalf of the Beijing Xingfa Cement Co. Ltd., a new element of the Huairou Science City is to be created on the site of the former cement factory in the North of Beijing on a site measuring over 60 hectares. The entire development area of the science town of Huairou borders to the North on the cultural belt of the Great Wall, and is characterised by its history and rich natural resources. HPP’s concept reflects this tradition by preserving and revitalising the existing buildings of the industrial past. Together with a multiplicity of additional new buildings, a total ensemble is taking shape with welcoming open spaces. The existing buildings are characterised by great diversity of form and typology. By preserving this special charm, a defining location is taking shape in Huairou Science City with this revitalisation and targeted extensionsto meet new occupants needs.