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In a competition for the redevelopment of the KVV site in Kassel, two designs were shortlisted: one of them was submitted by HPP.

Together with MedienHafen Düsseldorf e.V., HPP Architects invited to the MedienHafen Talk on the topic of "Development Opportunities and Architecture in the Düsseldorf Harbour" in their modern headquarters working environment located here.

At mid-year the HPP Partnership has seen further changes in line with our proven principal of continual renewal, and so the future partnership has been augmented at both partner and associate partner level.

HPP was awarded first prize in the urban planning competition organised by LEG Bauen GmbH for the Weststadtquartier in Essen's city centre, which covers almost 2 hectares.

At this year's Milan Design Week from June 06 - 12, the mixed-use landmark ONE PLAZA will be exhibited as an inspiring example for digitalisation and sustainability.

For GEMA Immobilienverwaltung, HPP designs the Berlin Office K7 as a sustainable timber hybrid office building. With a holistic sustainability approach and the targeted DGNB Platinum certification, the project creates added value for users, the environment and the neighbourhood.

The concrete shell construction of the basement floors, ground floor and core were already completed in 2021. Work on the timber structure for the upper floors has been underway since 15 April and should be completed by the end of August.

HPP will be present at this year's POLIS Convention in Düsseldorf from 27th to 28th of April with numerous colleagues and, as a junior partner, will be part of the stand "Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf und Partner" (B.06.3).

This year, influential industry players will once again meet at the world's leading real estate event in Cannes for "Driving Urban Change". The HPP Partnership will also be present and is looking forward to exchanging ideas on sustainable and digital transformation in architecture.

Jinan Huanghe Sports Center, Soccer Arena, China

HPP, together with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), has won the competition for the soccer arena at the Jinan Huanghe Sports Centre and has already been commissioned for the first design phase: the construction of the infrastructure for the Huanghe Sports and Science Park.