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Encouraging scholarship

and research

Helmut Hentrich Foundation

The Helmut Hentrich Foundation was established in 2001 by Prof. Dr. Helmut Hentrich, himself a Schinkel Prize winner and founder of the architectural partnership HPP Architects. 

The Helmut Hentrich Foundation is committed to supporting particularly talented architecture students "who are to be enabled to visit architecturally significant buildings by the granting of travel scholarships". The scholarship supports young graduates in gaining a better understanding of the globalized world, in order to implement and expand it architecturally.

The Board of Trustees of the Helmut Hentrich Foundation awards a travel scholarship worth 5,000 euros in recognition of outstanding final projects in the field of architecture. 

The prizewinners will keep a sketchbook during their trip, which will remain in the Foundation's collection after their return. In 2018, the scholarship was awarded to graduates of Leibniz Universität Hannover and Universität der Künste Berlin. It was the first year in which the prize went to Bachelor students - until 2017 it was awarded exclusively to Master and Diploma graduates. 

The scholarship holders are selected by HPP-independent juries and in close cooperation with chairs at recognised universities.

In 2018, the Helmut Hentrich Foundation Prize was awarded for the twelfth time. Since 2012 we have been cooperating with the media partners of Bauwelt and DBZ Deutsche Bauzeitschrift.


2018 Award Ceremony

The Winners

In 2018, Luise von Zimmermann and Jonas Illigmann (Universität der Künste Berlin) with their jointly submitted work "New Density" and Matti Hänsch (Leibniz Universität Hannover) with his work "ZEN Palermo" will receive the two travel scholarships of the Helmut-Hentrich Foundation Prize, each endowed with 5,000 euros. Matthias Pabst (Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg) receives recognition for his work "Gasthof am Fluss". 

On behalf of this year's jury and the Board of Trustees of the Helmut Hentrich Foundation, jury chair Prof. Barbara Holzer, design professor at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, and Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, managing partner of HPP Architects, presented the certificates to the three prize winners at the award ceremony at HPP's Düsseldorf headquarters. 

The jury session and review of the submissions took place at the beginning of June. In addition to the chairman Prof. Barbara Holzer, the jury consisted of Belinda Rukschcio, Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Prof. Kirsten Schemel, Münster School of Architecture, Boris Schade-Bünsow, editor-in-chief Bauwelt, Burkhard Fröhlich, former editor-in-chief DBZ Deutsche Bauzeitschrift and HPP partner Antonino Vultaggio (without voting rights). They discussed and evaluated the drafts together on the basis of the submitted plans.  

Li Fang, 2005                        
Wang Ke, 2005                        
Sascha Bohnenberger, 2007
Xu Yue, 2008                        
Yao Zhong, 2008                     
Leonhard Bertgen, 2009         
Luise Kister, 2009                    
Frédéric Vincent Adam Schnee, 2009
Wan Bo, 2010                        
Weina Qian, 2010                 
Rosina Shatarova, 2011        
Boris Emilov Tikvarski, 2012
Jakob Giese, 2013
Nicolai Schlapps, 2013
Inga Hausmann, 2014    
Sebastian Timmermann, 2014
Ogul Can Öztunc, 2014
Katharina Oertel, 2015    
Katrin Recker, 2015
Elisa Hartmann, 2016
Matthias Faul, 2016
Klara Bindl, 2016
Miriam Völcker, 2017
Maximilian Goes, 2017    

The Foundation

Purpose of the foundation: Encouraging Scholarship and Research in the Field of Architecture
Board of Trustees: Rebekka Pottgüter, Werner Sübai, Antonino Vultaggio

Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH, Claus Hoffmann, WP/StB, Kasernenstrasse 1, 40213 Düsseldorf

HPP Service GmbH, Claudia Berger-Koch, Dipl.-Kff. Kaistrasse 5, 40221 Düsseldorf

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