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1. Prize for the Zhanjiang Cultural Center

The design concept by HPP for the Cultural Centre in Chinese town of Zhanjiang was highly admired by the jury and won the 1st prize in the competition for the new cultural landmark.

A new cultural centre is under development comissioned by the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Real Estate Co., Ltd on the island of Tiaoshun near to the city centre of Zhanjiang on a site measuring almost 16 hectares. The multiple uses of culture, leisure, workspaces and shopping districts are to be combined to form a lively urban area in an attractive waterside setting. In form and structure, the ensemble of buildings takes its inspiration from the cultural icon of the island of Tiaoshun – the net dragon dance. The tripartite building for the Cultural Center symbolises the typical movements of this dance with its towering hotel and office tower. The holistic development and urban vitality of the entire region are to be promoted by closely interweaving the new buildings with the existing urban structure.