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1st prize for the soccer arena at Jinan Huanghe Sports Centre

Jinan Huanghe Sports Center, Soccer Arena, China
Jinan Huanghe Sports Center, Soccer Arena, China

HPP, together with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), has won the competition for the soccer arena at the Jinan Huanghe Sports Centre and has already been commissioned for the first design phase: the construction of the infrastructure for the Huanghe Sports and Science Park.

The Jinan Huanghe Sports Centre follows a north-south urban development and is divided into multiple design layers inspired by the meandering Yellow River (Huanghe). As a sports complex covering an area of over 63 hectares, the project includes a soccer arena, an Aquatics & National Fitness Center, a multi-functional arena and four outdoor training grounds. The soccer arena, with a gross floor area of 274,900 m², is designed to accommodate 61,000 spectators and is scheduled for completion in late 2024 as the first professional soccer arena in Jinan. It will also be one of the first stadiums in China for the FIFA Club World Cup.

The organic lines of the ridge line, roof surface and facade geometry make design reference to the undulations of the nearby Huanghe River. Horizontal arrangement, shimmering surfaces and nuanced color tones are inspired by the sedimentary structure of the riverbed. The horizontal division of the building cubature in two parts creates a 360° viewing platform.