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2nd prize in the competition for construction of Stadthaus 4 Münster

In the competition run by Stadtwerke Münster GmbH for construction of the future civic town hall, HPP has taken second place among a top-class field of 17 participant firms.

The distinctive structure uses the existing boundaries of the space and makes a lavish welcome statement at the entrance to the city centre on the junction of Albersloher Weg / Kiesekamps Mühle. The iconic effect is heightened dramatically by the two-section design of the building along Albersloher Weg and the projection of the two upper storeys over the generous entrance. This distinctive address leads into a light-flooded two-storey section along Albersloher Weg incorporating all the functions of a civic forum – in a transparent and communicative atmosphere. The façade suggests a “power station” – windows and photovoltaic panels alternate both horizontally and vertically to create a chessboard effect – whilst the sustainable wood frame construction lends the building a warm feel. Sections of the roofs and internal courtyards are densely planted to contribute to a positive city climate.