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AND Pastel residential complex in Istanbul completed

On the Asian side of Istanbul on a former industrial site, the master planning and architecture of HPP has enabled the creation of an innovative urban residential complex comprising four towers and three perimeter blocks.

The buildings are designed around a total of four outdoor courtyards, which interconnect to create a lively neighbourhood feel whilst also enabling a degree of privacy. A health centre, kindergarten, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centre, shops and cafés further enhance the social infrastructure. “What is unique and fairly untypical for Istanbul is the arrangement of the eight-storey perimeter block development to create individual neighbourhoods, whose design embodies individuality and separateness and thus encourages a particular quality of exchange between the residents and at the same time creates a protected atmosphere.,“ says Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Senior Partner of HPP Architects. 

The heights of the buildings in the development vary between 25 and 160 metres and the façades of the four residential towers, which form the borders of a communal urban space, are reminiscent of a “woven basket,” a theme representative of a typical activity enjoyed in the city – picnicking. Despite their similarities in terms of façade, core and balcony features, the buildings differ in configuration of the residential units, which all offer a very flexible organisation of space.