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Architecture meets Art – Vernissage at HPP Düsseldorf

Last Friday, HPP Architects in cooperation with the art associations 701 and Düsseldorf-Palermo invited to the vernissage of the first ‘space4art intervention#fürnkäs - Unpredictable Liars Revolt’, a sculptural sound installation by Isabella Fürnkäs.

Moderated by Dr. Astrid Legge, curator of the exhibition, the artist granted a small, selected circle exclusive insights into her work. The exhibition is conceived for the publicly open inner courtyard of the new HPP working environment in Düsseldorf's Media Harbor, which in the future will provide a venue for cultural activities and exhibitions. 

HPP is based in Düsseldorf for more than 80 years and its architecture has shaped the cityscape over the decades. With the new working spaces in the Medienhafen, we are pursuing the goal of becoming part of the public space and cultural life of the city.

'Unpredictable Liars Revolt', is the first exhibition in the series in which artist Isabella Fürnkäs shows a total of 15 figures. The complex of works reveals the artist's engagement with the Japanese 'Noh Theatre', which she has continuously developed and varied depending on the exhibition context. The installation is complemented by a sound collage of various sung, whispered or spoken text passages, which, as a 'stream of consciousness', invites direct sensory experience and negotiates questions of role play, isolation, interpersonal communication and social co-existence. The exhibition is open to the public and can be visited daily until October 8th, from 12 to 6 pm, on Thursdays also until 8 pm.