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Contract awarded for "New WSW Headquarters" Wuppertal

In a Europe-wide tendering procedure, GOLDBECK prevailed with its bid and HPP with its design for the "New WSW Headquarters" of Wuppertaler Stadtwerke GmbH and as a team won the bidding process.

The HPP design for the new headquarters forms a clear address as the "city entrance" to the Wuppertal Barmen Center and acts as a connective element between the adjacent functions. The trapezoidal city block is divided into an elevated base storey which acts as an enormous "table" supporting the filigree four upper office floors. The modern working environments are characterized by openness and transparency and promote communicative and flexible working for the approx. 450 employees. The main entrance, designed as a generous cut in the base, allows the representative forecourt to flow into the building and forms the intro to a connecting axis between the entrance and foyer on one side and the company premises on the other side. The focal point is the lush green inner courtyard. The combination of terraces and stairs creates an interplay of meeting and recreational areas with a high quality of pause and stay.

GOLDBECK has now officially signed the contract for the construction of the building, which is scheduled for completion by 2023 according to HPP’s design.