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CREDAWARD Gold awarded to the In-Bund Office in Shanghai

Award ceremony: Fifth from left: Xu, Heng (Amanda), Lead Designer In-Bund Office, HPP Shanghai

On 27 April at the 5th CREDAWARD ceremony held in Shanghai, HPP were awarded gold for the interior design of the In-Bund office project.

As the first international design award of the Chinese real estate industry, the CREDAWARD honours outstanding architectural works from the perspective of the real estate market, city and society. The award recognises the positive contribution made by architects and builders to the development of cities, industry and society. Under the direction of Xing Tonghe, renowned architect and university professor, the professional jury consists of representatives of the architecture faculties as well as the real estate and media industry. The In-Bund Office, located on the Huangpu River in the immediate vicinity of Shanghai's financial district, was converted from a department store with a hundred-year history to an office building according to plans by HPP. The design is characterised by a new, light-flooded atrium in the centre of the building. This not only facilitates access, but also shapes the character of a modern working environment with communication and open space areas.