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„Eclipse“ Düsseldorf has been topped-out

HPP Senior Partner Gerhard G. Feldmeyer beim Richtfest des Projektes Eclipse in Düsseldorf, Quelle: die developer, Copyright: Andreas Endermann
HPP Senior Partner Gerhard G. Feldmeyer at the topping-out ceremony Eclipse, Source: die developer, Copyright: Andreas Endermann

Following the initial breaking of the ground in January 2020, on Friday the topping-out for the project “Eclipse” was celebrated on the Kennedydamm site in Dusseldorf in the presence of the city’s Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller. This marks the completion of the shell construction of the tower section on schedule after a construction period of 19 months.

The site, with an area of around 8,700 m², will feature a 16-storey office tower alongside a two-storey entrance building housing lobby/lounge space, conference, service and restaurant areas, all designed under the motto “The Future of Workspace”. The project is a joint venture between the developer and a sovereign wealth fund from the Middle East. After completion at the end of 2022 the majority of the 26,000 m² of rental space will be occupied by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The unique feature of the office building being designed by HPP Architects together with UNStudio, is its conception as a vertical campus. Behind the distinctive scale sections of the glass facade will be office space, whereas the flat facade sections will feature atria and loggia as campus spaces, some of which will extend over three storeys and form a helix shape around the building. 

The site is to be intensively landscaped and the building will be certified in line with Germany’s sustainable building system as a green building with the highest DGNB platinum standard. In addition, the building will implement smartengine® – a sensor-controlled digital infrastructure for user-based applications which has a positive impact on the ecology and economy of the building. “We are delighted that the construction of Eclipse is on schedule and that this new jewel in Dusseldorf’s skyline is taking shape more clearly every day. In this project, the developers, architects and tenants together are demonstrating what is important in modern project developments: successful integration into the urban plan and a clear focus on ecologically sustainable building operation,“ says Dusseldorf’s Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller.