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Eclipse shortlisted for WAF Awards 2021

The 60m office high-rise Eclipse Düsseldorf designed as a vertical campus by HPP and UNStudio on behalf of ‘die developer’ has reached the finals of the renowned World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards in the category of 'Office - Future Project'.

In the next step, the project will be presented to an international jury of experts at the World Architecture Festival from 1 - 3 December 2021 in Lisbon and will compete for the Category Winner.  As a vertical ecosystem, the 16-storey office tower will offer communication and experience spaces as multi-functional atriums, which are arranged in a spiral shape to three sides of the building, providing a variety of views of the entire city of Düsseldorf. Sustainable, smart, connected and collaborative - these are the topics with which Eclipse presents itself as a ''Future Project'' to the WAF audience. The world's largest architecture festival with its integrated live award competition is taking place this year for the 13th time and honours architectural excellence from all over the world.

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