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Europa-Park Stadium Freiburg completed

Innenfoto Europa-Park Stadion in Freiburg - Das neue Stadion des SC Freiburg ist nach Plänen von HPP Architekten entstanden und bietet Platz für 34.700 Zuschauer.
The new Europa-Park Stadium of SC Freiburg was built according to HPP design and offers capacity for 34,700 spectators.

The Europa-Park Stadium, designed by HPP Architects for its client Stadion Freiburg Objektträger GmbH & Co. (SFG), was created as the home venue of SC Freiburg. Köster GmbH from Osnabruck have been general contractors.

The venue was officially opened on 7 October 2021 with an opening ceremony followed by a friendly game against FC St. Pauli. The coherent and timeless elegance of the finished construction ensures that it blends seamlessly into the gentle topography of the Wolfswinkel in the west of Freiburg. Due to its proximity to the airport and the associated height limitation, the stadium is designed with flat orthogonal roof geometry, whilst external diagonal tension rods lend an unmistakable character. In response to the basic octagonal shape of the stadium’s interior, the main access points are situated at the corners, creating a dynamic effect and sense of identity. 

“The slightly raised aspect on an elevation suggests the motif of a place of pilgrimage – the stadium becomes an eye-catcher and attraction”, explains HPP Senior Partner Antonino Vultaggio. The architectural foundation has been laid for the stadium coming to life together with team and fans of SC Freiburg.