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Finalists in the competition "Opera House of the Future", Düsseldorf

Double Win. We are pleased about yesterday's announcement of the results of the international competition "Opera House of the Future" in Düsseldorf. We are finalists at both locations, the Heinrich-Heine-Allee and Am Wehrhahn – and we were the only architectural office to prevail over various prestigious contenders in this competition at both locations. A great success that honors us and makes us proud.

The urban planning focus of our contributions consisted of a scaled, spatial embedding into the surroundings. The functional concept focuses on creating spaces for dialogue and social interaction. The "Opera of the Future" as a diverse cultural institution offers an inclusive platform for a future-oriented music theater and represents an enrichment for the entire urban society as a broad audience. At the location Am Wehrhahn, as an “opera house for the quarter” with an open and connecting culture gallery. At the Heinrich-Heine-Allee location, as an urban keystone to the Hofgarten with a flowing foyer on the ground floor, which is accessible from all sides. The design proposal convinces due to the adjacent arrangement of the opera hall and the studio stage on one level on the upper floor. Thus, according to the jury report, the design on Heinrich-Heine-Allee becomes a "sign for the opening of the opera into the urban space and into the citizenry". The design proposal Am Wehrhahn offers "a remarkably well thought-out structural concept for an opera of the future integrated into the urban space. At the same time as the ideas competition, the 2nd phase of public participation has also started, which will continue until the end of the 1st quarter of 2023. We are already very excited about getting the results of the participation!

The design proposals are displayed from Saturday, February 18, to Sunday, March 12, at Brücke des Central, Worringer Straße 140.

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