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First Phase of Rhenus Campus Completed

HPP have created two office buildings with modern working environments on the Rhenus Campus in Holzwickede.

HPP had previously been responsible for the master plan, taking this through to approval for the expansion of the Rhenus headquarters and had also been commissioned with the design of the first construction phase. This includes two four-storey, L-shaped structures which together form an inner courtyard with attractive green spaces. More than 8,000 square metres of modern working environments have been created across the office floors as open-space areas with integrated communication islands and individual retreat options. Meeting points for the employees of the adjacent wings are located at the central intersection of each wing. These can be used in a variety of ways - either as break rooms or for shorter team meetings. The superior comfort of these rooms is significantly enhanced by the storey-high panorama glazing and the views of the campus and the landscape that this provides. Cantilevered floor slabs with transparent glass parapets define balcony areas that not only serve as extended common areas, but at the same time provide a key design element for the façade. Functionally, they also play the role of structural sun protection for the floors below, including roofing the entrance areas. The design of the standard office façade is defined by its design as a strip façade, characterised by a mix of transparent window elements with suspended, fixed sun protection slats and balustrades clad with aluminium sheets.