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First prize in the Huairou Science City Beijing competition

Start-up Area im Baugebiet A der Huairou Science City in Peking

With its design for the startup area in construction site A of Huairou Science City in Beijing, HPP won through against 33 participants from 10 countries to take first prize in the competition.

The plans for the approx. 100,000 square metres of landscape-like space in the centre of the science city incorporate the specialist fields of architecture, landscape planning and interior design. The goal is to create a common location for national and international scientists to engage in innovative research, study and communication. The three guiding principles of the HPP design - public, dynamic and sharing – are implemented though the concept of a central green circle and green landscape hub as linking and publicly accessible elements. The green hub is situated below street level and thus serves to facilitate various uses at different levels. In the central circle large-scale glassed lecture halls, exhibition and communication zones will be created as well as a library which opens directly onto the landscape area. The L-shaped structures will accommodate hotel and office usage as well as research facilities, form the corners of the development and echo the design of neighbouring facilities in the science city.