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Foundation stone laid for SC Freiburg's new Stadium

Links v.l.n.r.: Antonino Vultaggio und Thomas Hengst (beide HPP), Christian Streich (Trainer SC Freiburg), Gerhard G. Feldmeyer (HPP), oben rechts: Visualisierung Stadion SC Freiburg, unten rechts: Baustellenbild
Left f.l.t.r.: Antonino Vultaggio and Thomas Hengst (both HPP), Christian Streich (Coach SC Freiburg), Gerhard G. Feldmeyer (HPP), top right: Visualisation Stadium SC Freiburg, bottom right: construction site

The foundation stone for SC Freiburg's "Stadium for All", designed by HPP, was laid on Friday. The ceremony was attended by the HPP team led by Senior Partner Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Partner Antonino Vultaggio and Project Manager Thomas Hengst.

Together with Freiburg's Lord Mayor Martin Horn, SC Board Member Oliver Leki and SC President Fritz Keller, Gerhard G. Feldmeyer placed a casket in the foundations of the new stadium. It contains the building permit issued in November 2018. Immediately afterwards, the initial construction works began in order to ensure completion in time for the 2020/2021 season. "Sustainability, openness, creativity and practicality" - these are the attributes SC Executive Board member Oliver Leki used to describe the "new flagship for Freiburg". This underlines the design's objective, which from the outset has focused not only on a clear and ageless architectural language but above all on the shared experience for the up to 34,700 fans that the new stadium will accommodate. 

Further information on the architecture of the stadium can be found on the Projects page.