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Foundations laid for the Future Century Tower in Shanghai

Good progress is being made on the Future Century Tower, located on the northern bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai and designed by HPP Shanghai.

The new office complex is being developed by Shanghai Real Estate Group + China Resources at an important economic hub in the financial city of Lujiazui. The construction of the underground components has now been largely completed. The project essentially consists of an ensemble of two towers approx. 50 metres high. Following completion, which is planned for 2020, the office floors in the upper area will offer a panoramic view of the surrounding urban landscape. With its "big-end up" shape, the plinth is slender, open and transparent. This will be achieved by means of a suspended construction in which each storey is suspended from the load-bearing core in the centre, so that the space on the ground floor remains flexible to use. This construction principle is firmly anchored in HPP's history and remains relevant to this day. The Finnlandhaus in Hamburg, designed by HPP in 1966 was Germany's first suspended building.