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Green Building Triangle for Düsseldorf

At this year's Milan Design Week from June 06 - 12, the mixed-use landmark ONE PLAZA will be exhibited as an inspiring example for digitalisation and sustainability.

The mixed-use building at Kennedydamm Düsseldorf with approx. 45,000 m² of gross floor area is to be realised for the MOMENI Group and, alongside its function as an office building, will also provide space for special uses, gastronomy and local services. With its characteristic facade, generous enclosed outside spaces, usable roof gardens and modern workplaces, ONE PLAZA stands for identity, sustainability and flexibility.

Organised by Archivibe in collaboration with Valcucine, the installation "LE3DERS" at Milan Design Week 2022 shows the 3D models of LEED-certified buildings as an augmented reality exhibition through an Instagram filter. With its aspiration for LEED Gold certification and its conception via a 3D model as a digital twin, the ONE PLAZA is part of this group of projects by internationally renowned architecture practices.

The existing building on the developed site was already dismantled last year. Work on the new construction will start in August 2022, completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2025.