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Horizon is followed by Eclipse - New Work Campus on Kennedydamm

Visualization Eclipse Düsseldorf: die developer / UNStudio / HPP

HPP and UNStudio have been commissioned by the Düsseldorf-based project developer to create a vertical campus for modern working environments - the Eclipse.

The 60 metre high building on Kennedydamm next to the Hilton Hotel at one of Düsseldorf's largest intersections will form an urban counterpart to the L'Oréal Headquarters, already jointly realised by die developer and HPP, and at the same time form a gateway to the northern city centre. Based on a triangular floor area, the high-rise building will provide 26,000 m² of transparent and light-flooded office space in the future. Vibrant atria, which run helically through the building, form the communicative backbone of the skyscraper and contain inspiring spatial worlds with communication and experience areas indoors and outdoors. "The vision for the Vertical Campus is a transparent, inviting architecture open to the urban space, which will give the Kennedydamm a new face and radiate out to the entire surroundings", says HPP Senior Partner Gerhard G. Feldmeyer.