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HPP among the top 25 architecture firms in worldwide comparison

In the World Architecture 100 Ranking 2021 ("WA100"), HPP has once again gained places compared to the previous year and is now ranked 24th among all participating architecture firms worldwide.

The WA100 ranking of the British magazine BD evaluates the number of employed architects in the last business year. This year's ranking is symbolic of HPP's growth course. Since participating in the ranking for the first time in 2015, HPP has grown continuously and has been able to place itself higher and higher accordingly. In 2016, HPP made it into the top 40 and has now reached the top 25. HPP is proud of the result and sees itself confirmed in its approach of living a partnership structure and continuously expanding the co.llaborative network. With over 450 employees, HPP is now represented at 8 locations in Germany and 5 locations internationally. Most recently, with the opening of the office in Amsterdam, the co.creative way of working was pushed even further and the view to the West was strengthened.