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HPP Architects opens office in Amsterdam

In addition to eight office locations in Germany as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Istanbul, HPP Architects opens its 13th office in Amsterdam. With the first location in the Netherlands, HPP is turning its gaze westward.

In the heart of the lively and cosmopolitan Dutch capital, another 'HPP’s Creative Hub‘ will focus on research, innovation and design of ambitious buildings. "In one of the most beautiful and creative cities in the world, we strive for design excellence, innovation and advanced digital strategies for outstanding architecture, with a human-centric and sustainable focus," says Christian Veddeler, Partner and Managing Director of HPP Architects BV. With the new location in the Netherlands the international development of the company is taken a further step forward. "With our new office in Amsterdam we are further expanding our international network and strengthening our relationships with global clients" says Werner Sübai, who joins Christian Veddeler as Managing Director of HPP Architects BV. Sübai is also Senior Partner of HPP Architects in Düsseldorf, and responsible for the international development of HPP.