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HPP designs timber hybrid building BOBK7 in Berlin

For GEMA Immobilienverwaltung, HPP designs the Berlin Office K7 as a sustainable timber hybrid office building. With a holistic sustainability approach and the targeted DGNB Platinum certification, the project creates added value for users, the environment and the neighbourhood.

Attention is not only given to the open and flexible working environment concept for the approx. 300 employees, but also to their health and well-being. The supporting structure, facades, exterior walls and ceilings are mainly made of wood. Further health-promoting materials with a positive influence on the indoor climate, such as clay, are also used in the interior design. The roof surfaces are greened and a generous roof terrace with plant beds and seating is available to the users as an open recreational space. The neighbourhood also benefits from the new utilisation concept: In addition to the lobby, there is also a café on the ground floor, which develops into a cafeteria in the courtyard area.

HPP has been commissioned as the lead consultant for the project. The construction work was contracted to a general contractor on the basis of a FLB (functional performance specification) in the form of a partnering model with the client.