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HPP Headquarter receives "Workspace of the Month 04/21" award

The new HPP Headquarter was awarded "Workspace of the Month 04/21" at the 1st international architecture award for smart working environments - Best Workspaces.

The award and the associated online platform were launched as a joint initiative of Callwey, Baumeister, USM and Colliers International Germany to bring together the best projects in workspace design and to offer a powerful network for industry decision-makers, planners and manufacturers. By being awarded as one of 12 projects per year, the HPP headquarters is also automatically on the shortlist for the "Workspace of the Year" award, which is determined in a public vote.

An independent jury of experts judged the HPP working environments on the basis of the criteria Flexibility, Collaboration, Communication, Concentration and Wellbeing. As a ‘factory for creative design’ the inspiring workspaces offer diverse possibilities for agile working as well as formal and informal communication and include conference and project rooms, hubs, telephone booths, seating niches and pedestal chairs. The communal working areas, which are equipped with height-adjustable desks for seated or standing use, alternate with numerous areas for retreat and provide staff with the perfect space for both team meetings and individual concentration.

Find out more on the award page.