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Copyright: NAX

Along with further designers from Germany, HPP presents its solutions “on Urban Regeneration Perspectives on Chinese Cities” in a bi-national exchange – the digital SINO-GERMAN CITY LAB, which will take place from 18/10 to 12/11/2021.

Over the 4-weeks project period attendees will have the chance to receive intensive Input and take active part in the exchange with experienced colleagues, experts and decision makers from both countries. HPP is represented in the Lab by Senior Partner Werner Sübai, who makes clear his positions on the changing approach of Chinese urban renewal, strategies of sustainable urban development and the added values of sustainable design in a video.

The Lab was initiated by the export initiative of the Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK), the Network for Architecture Exchange NAX, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and their Export Initiative for Green Technologies. The aim of the city lab is to mutually exchange experience and thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that arise for Chinese cities on their path to decarbonization. In this context, the question is asked to what extent design services and innovative green technologies "Made in Germany" are of particular interest.

Further information on the Lab.