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HPP reached the competition final "Stade de la Meinau" Strasbourg

In the international competition for the renovation and expansion of the "Stade de la Meinau" stadium in Strasbourg, HPP as lead architect was selected from a field of 40 applicants as one of five participating teams. In the competition of stadium specialists, HPP won second place.

The aim of the competition launched by the city of Strasbourg was to expand the capacity of the stadium used by the Racing Strasbourg football club from 27,000 to 32,000 spectators during ongoing operations, while at the same time significantly improving the spectator experience through various offerings. In addition, a new fan zone was to be created as a "marketplace" with a connection to the public space and for use outside of match operations. HPP's solution connects the existing and new building by means of a new shell made of intertwining metal strips, which connects the two components to form a joint stadium body. The fan zone becomes a "mini arena" that can also be used by the public. The common base is also publicly accessible outside of match times and allows visitors to walk around the stadium body with views into its interior. The concept of the double promenade level in conjunction with a two-tier grandstand allows a visual reference to the game at any time and various spatial references and views create an exciting spatial experience.

Many thanks to the entire competition team for the successful collaboration: archi5, Emergence Architecture, OTE Ingénierie, Atelier59, La Compagnie du Paysage and Etamine.