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HPP Senior Partner Joachim H. Faust appointed Red Dot Ambassador

The Red Dot Network aims to bring together companies, agencies and experts from the design industry and form a digital network. HPP Senior Partner Joachim H. Faust is now the official ambassador of the red dot.

Ambassadors of the Red Dot Network are renowned personalities from the international design scene and jurors of the Red Dot Award, which is awarded annually in the categories: product design, brands and communication design as well as design concept. Appointments for this role can only be made from the circle of existing ambassadors. On 01 October 2019, the network will take its next step and officially launch a digital platform for the exchange of knowledge and information to bring the existing global community even closer together. As Red Dot Ambassador, Joachim H. Faust will contribute significantly to the development of the Red Dot Network in the future.