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International Review – HPP 2019

In 2019, HPP opened its 4th international office, celebrated a number of milestones in major international projects, and the HPP partners took to the international stage at regular intervals.

Let us reflect...

...on the opening of the 12th HPP office in Shenzhen, which is simultaneously the fourth international and the third Chinese office. HPP has been active in the Chinese market since 1997 and is now located not only in Shanghai and Beijing but also on the Pearl River Delta in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, known as the design capital. 

...on many international projects: In Shenzhen, the 258 metre-high North Station Huide Tower is about to be completed as a multifunctional, high-density, mixed-use urban building block. The Nanshan Science & Technology Innovation Center is also currently in planning. As a start-up incubator, the city offers an ecosystem for companies from the foundation phase to the expansion phase. In Istanbul, the AND Pastel residential and mixed-use complex, up to 148 metres high, is being completed as a new urban centre. In the middle of the Istanbul business district at Maslak Square, two irregularly shaped, interconnected office buildings are currently being built according to HPP designs. Other international projects currently under construction include the Pudong Soccer Arena in Shanghai, the Taicang Campus of Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Xi'an and the multifunctional arena in Ekaterinburg. numerous international platforms on which our projects and our philosophy were discussed this year. Gerhard G. Feldmeyer spoke at the "VI International Forum and Exhibition for High-Rise and Special Constructions 100+ Forum Russia 2019" in Ekaterinburg about public buildings as catalysts of urban development. At the International Library Summit in Venice, HPP Senior Partner Volker Weuthen discussed how libraries are changing society and architecture in the 21st century. At this year's BAU Congress China, HPP Associate Partner Gan Yuanzhe gave a lecture on "Future Oriented Urban Complex" under the motto "The future of building for China". HPP Associate Partner Bugrahan Sirin spoke at this year's CTBUH World Congress in Chicago on the subject of "Beyond the 50-Year Life-Cycle of Mid-Century German High-Rises". He focused on the revitalisation of high-rise buildings in HPP's history and the importance of their value - for today and for our future.