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Interview with Senior Partner Gerhard G. Feldmeyer

As part of the “ARCHITECTURE BAROMETER 30 x 10 - GROHE Digital Talks”, Gerhard G. Feldmeyer was asked 10 questions on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on our building culture as one of 30 personalities in the field of architecture and real estate.

The crisis as a catalyst
For him, the crisis offers enormous opportunities. He states that the coronavirus is a radical catalyst for structural change that has already begun as “it has always been the case that our business was generated by change, not so much due to mere quantitative demand than as a result of changing requirements.” He adds that the deceleration is facilitating a different perspective on many things and in this context, it is not a matter of doing without or of simplification. Rather he believes that “we have to network systems even more intelligently and create intelligent interfaces”.

The role of the architect as a creative motor
He addresses issues such as co-creation and the sharing of knowledge in accordance with the open source principle. He sees the architect as a creative motor with the responsibility in new assignments to block out experience for a while and start again from scratch. “This is the only way to anticipate with resilience.” With respect to the environment, too, he is optimistic for the future and sees a greater connection between buildings and health as encapsulated by the Blue Revolution. “We are increasingly selecting building materials by their constituent parts: Health is definitely a mega trend which will become an even greater focus as a result of the pandemic.”

Read the full interview.