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Laying of the foundation stone for DESYUM

On Wednesday, 31 May 2023, the foundation stone was laid for DESY's new exhibition and office building DESYUM.

DESY is a magnet for more than 3,000 visiting researchers from all over the world, and around 10,000 citizens tour the research centre every year. The new DESYUM visitor centre, which is scheduled to open in 2025, is at the same time a reception building for guests, a multimedia exhibition centre and a forum for dialogue with science. With around 3,250 square metres of floor space on six floors, DESYUM will become the new landmark of the DESY campus and enrich the Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld, which is currently under construction. The HPP Team Hamburg is responsible for the design. The striped façade made of anodised aluminium is striking and inspired by high-precision track detectors used to measure fast particles. Curves and circles in the ground plan, on the roof terrace and in the façade are reminiscent of DESY's particle accelerator. The new building will meet the BNB sustainability standard silver. For the façade, screwed recycled and recyclable aluminium is used and due to an optimised construction method, 30 % concrete is saved on the supporting structure.

Event photos: © DESY/Cristina Lopez Gonzalez | Visualisation: © DESY/HPP International