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Maslak Square: A New Landmark in Istanbul

A building ensemble consisting of two crystalline structures of different heights was created for the client Kapital Real Estate Development in the central business district of Maslak.

A few years after the completion of the internationally award-winning AND Tower in Istanbul, HPP Architects are taking on the completion of yet another landmark in the city. A previously inaccessible commercial area is thus made available for public use by the city once again. "The Maslak Square project is a typical urban rehabilitation case. An area excluded from the urban fabric for decades becomes an urban catalyst," says Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, senior partner at HPP. The two building components of different heights fit into the moving topography of the district and are connected by three bridges glazed on all sides. The multi-story, trapezoidal incisions reinforce the striking geometry of the building ensemble. Viewed from above, it forms a perfect square with the two glass canopies - hence the project name "Maslak Square." 

"The building was designed to make the most of natural light and ventilation in the spirit of sustainable use of resources," explains Bugrahan Sirin, project managing associate partner and head of Istanbul office. The building received LEED Gold certification.