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Milestone at BB Business HUB 3 - Berlin

This week, a "Thank you"- ceremony for the staff at the BB Business HUB 3 office building construction site was held. The office building is being constructed according to HPP design in the immediate vicinity of BER Airport.

At the invitation of the client Alpine Finanz Bau GmbH, all parties involved in the project celebrated an important milestone together on site in the completed shell. The two new buildings, a U-shaped extension to the existing building HUB 5, which was also planned by HPP between 1993-1995, and a free-standing building meander, structurally unite the entire area, which also includes the existing building HUB 7. The arrangement of the new buildings creates a green campus axis, which is open to all users of the BB Business HUB as an relaxation zone in the outdoor area inviting them to linger by providing catering facilities. Overall, a contemporary campus facility is taking shape with restaurants and conference areas as well as 17,000 m² of flexibly rentable office space on up to seven floors within sight of BER Airport.